In a country with a plethora of laws, legal complications are bound to arise at some point or another in your march towards success. To arrive at an innovative solution, it is imperative for all business issues to be comprehensively examined first, followed by a thorough study of the implications under various laws. As an External Counsel, MLC offers its clients a valuable one-stop solution to all legal problems and complexities in business.

For instance, a business proposal may have various implications – under Foreign Direct Investment Policy of the Government of India, or legal provisions of corporate governance under Listing Agreement and Companies Act, or under IPR laws, or under Excise and Customs laws, or Income Tax, or under Competition laws. Or there may be consumer protection issues, declaratory obligations under SWAMPAC rules, implications under Exchange Control Regulations, reorganization issues under the Companies Act. Sometimes there may be an issue of concern under various labour laws, or, more critically, there may emerge employee related issues. Thankfully, there is a for you to sidestep all these thorny areas. Put simply, MLC can be your one-stop legal service provider, offering unparalleled creative out-of-the-box legal solutions and advice on the entire gamut of laws and corporate governance as well as paralegal solutions to deal with people and business complexities.

MLC’s proficiency lies in its ability to act as In-house Counsel, besides serving as External Counsel. This is where Mr. Mallar’s phenomenal experience as General Counsel and Member of the Management Board at Johnson & Johnson proves invaluable. Not only does it allow MLC to work closely with customers while legally planning their business methods and processes, but it also helps maximize the benefits of all the efforts clients take to add value to their businesses. As In-house Counsel, MLC will study the ways you conduct your business, modifying them as deemed fit and making them more effective in terms of avoiding any further legal problems.

Constant and rapid changes in corporate governance, markets, society, regulations and the workplace have made doing business a complex proposition today. The only way out is to stay one step ahead of change by mastering these complexities and driving positive changes. With Mr. Ram Mallar’s unique experience in the Industry, MLC is perfectly equipped to help you find the most appropriate and effective solution to any complex problem facing your business.


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